5 of the best hosted ecommerce platforms for your small business

The Internet is changing fast and technologies that were once helping you move forward could be slowing you down today if they haven't been kept up to date. Website speed is always improving, designs are getting better, user experience is not just an afterthought. If your website feels like a chore to use, you could be missing out on some sweet sales.

Ecommerce platforms are on the forefront of keeping your websites modern, functional and easy to use. These are our top picks for hosted ecommerce platforms that are doing a stellar job of making you look awesome:

  1. Shopify


    How could we not start with Shopify? One of the oldest and largest ecommerce platforms with the most features. No wonder it's first on the list. They've had the time to iron out all the details and offer the most complete hosted ecommerce solution on the market. The company reports that it has 175,000 merchants using its platform, with total gross merchandise volume exceeding $10 billion.

    What we like about it: The features coupled with the app store. There's not much Shopify doesn't have — simply worth checking out.

    Starting price: $29/mo (pricing page)

  2. Squarespace


    Squarespace is by far quickly becoming the darling of the Internet. Just look at those gorgeous templates! They put a lot of thought into design and user experience and it shows. Creating a website is easy and they even give you a free domain name to get started.

    What we like about it: Modern design and ease of use. Also attractive pricing.

    Starting price: $8/mo billed annually (pricing page)

  3. Bigcommerce


    Bigcommerce is another popular ecommerce platform comparable to Shopify. It has a pretty nice and intuitive dashboard to manage your account, and a pretty detailed knowledge base. It's been growing fast and has very good instructions on getting started within minutes.

    What we like about it: Clean and simple dashboard interface and great knowledge base.

    Starting price: $29.95/mo (pricing page)

  4. Storenvy


    Storenvy is similar to Etsy. It does make it very easy to create and launch your own fully customizable online store. In addition to your own website, you can sell products through their awesome marketplace. Storenvy is a newer platform that launched in 2012 and is growing fast with over 65,000 merchants. We can't wait to see where it goes.

    What we like about it: They help you sell; there are two ways: through your own store and their marketplace.

    Starting price: 10% if sold through their marketplace and free via your own store, not including transaction fees (pricing page)

  5. LemonStand


    What an awesome name! LemonStand is an ecommerce platform for businesses that are growing fast. It's best for those companies that want more customization via code access, so if you want more control at the cost of adjusting code, this is a good choice.

    What we like about it: Unlimited design flexibility and the API.

    Starting price: $49/mo (pricing page)

Still not sure what to pick? Try a detailed comparison chart from ecommerce platforms that gives a nice breakdown of all the features.