Announcing auto-refreshing hours of operation

Announcing auto-refreshing hours of operation

ZenLocator makes it insanely easy for your customers to manage time and decide when to visit your locations.

After creating your hours, you are done with time management! Timezones, daylight savings time, user geolocation, closing time and figuring out whether the store is currently open or not are all calculated automagically.

Above image is what the user sees @ 4:31pm.

If the store is closing soon, there's a little warning that tells them how much time they have left to get there.

Time refresh is automatic, so if the visitor leaves the page open for a while, the locator will self-update: and the store will be shown as closed after 5pm.

Pretty simple and straightforward. All that's left to do is fill out your hours of operation and let the widget handle the rest.