Announcing better dashboard geolocation features

Announcing better dashboard geolocation features

Map starting point has been reworked to be simpler and more accurate. Your store locator has a better focus now when it first opens.

The default setting is to approximate user's location based on their IP address, which means figuring out data based on who their Internet Service Provider is.

You can see this setting on your dashboard selected under Map > Starting point, as User's location via IP address.

This method does not require any user interaction (it does not ask user to share their location), but as a result it can be less accurate at times.

The second option is to set your location to a pre-defined address. This works best when you have one or a few locations all based in one area.

That way no matter where your user is coming from, the map will always focus first on the area you specify.

(By the way, the size of the area is irrelevant: it can be a small town or a large city, a region or even a country. The map zoom will be calculated automatically.)

We have also turned on auto-start geolocation setting by default. This lets your store locator ask the user to share their location via a browser, which can be very accurate and is available on all modern browsers.

This feature, combined with IP lookup, can be very powerful and helpful to the user.