Announcing better directions sidebar

Announcing better directions sidebar

ZenLocator has two ways of handling directions to locations, one is by showing routes within the widget and another is by taking the user to Google Maps. We have just improved the former - the way the locator handles embedded directions.

First, we moved the travel modes (driving, transit, walking and cycling) to the actual sidebar (instead of being way at the top of the nav). That way your users don't have to close and re-open the sidebar just to switch modes.

We've also made the starting point editable, so you can refine where you're coming from right from the sidebar:

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These minor improvements gave us a chance to update a few other things:

  1. The search box on the main nav has a square search button now (so you can click it, rather than having to press enter).
  2. The find me and microphone buttons are a bit more visible now (note that the mic button is not enabled by default - it's still an experimental feature).
  3. The notification popup got a makeover! It's more noticeable and fades away only after you interact with the map for a more intuitive feel:

As usual, we'll keep updating and improving the widget, but if you feel like you're happy with the current version of your software you can always freeze your automatic updates. Simply go to Account > Settings > Auto-updates and turn that setting off.