Announcing locations export

Announcing locations export

It's by no means our intent to keep your data hostage. We believe you should be able to move around and pick the best service for you — but hopefully you're already here ;)

We've made a new feature: locations export. It allows you to save your stores (and all of their metadata) locally in many different formats.

The feature is already available on your dashboard. You can export into CSV, JSON and even SQL. Each format is useful in its own way:

  • CSV is perfect for viewing in Excel or any other spreadsheet application. This is also the most common format for re-importing into other store locator services.
  • JSON can be used to view and manipulate data programmatically.
  • SQL allows you to import your locations into a database and run queries on them. There are many relational databases, so we've made this option work for several dialects: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and SQLite. This is also a good option if you decide to develop your own store locator.

Did we miss anything else? Tell us and we'll make it happen.