Announcing store locator analytics

We're happy to announce we've just added an analytics feature to ZenLocator. This has been a frequently requested feature, and we are finally excited to share this with you:

store locator service analytics

The analytics is already integrated with your widget and can be found in your dashboard along with other controls. Here's a quick dive-in:

At the top you will see a heatmap of all the places your users search from. You can navigate to any area, and toggle markers on and off. You'll also notice a timeframe toggle (day, week, month, year) that works for the whole panel and adjusts results for the selected period.

General stats contains the number of visitors you've had on your locator page, plus the record number of visitors for that timeframe period. Also the percent of people that interacted with the widget (by navigating the map or opening a location). The average distance is the distance a user has to travel to your closest store. You also have a breakdown of visitors on the unique visits page. The blue line shows current period (today, this week, etc), and the grey behind it - past period (yesterday, last week, etc), so you can compare the two easily.

Below are your store views - a breakdown of how often each store is looked at, and how popular they are. And right next to it are red zones, which are places where people could not find stores nearby. These are suggestions for where you could expand since you have a demand from these locations.

Finally, user engagement at the bottom displays how users interact with your locator. This is a breakdown of user activities which include a list of events as well as additional data about the user, like the device they were using along with their location.

All these features are included in ZenLocator plans and are available today. Signup to check them out.

We're also curious what you think as we code away. Is there something else you'd like to see in analytics? Give us a ping!