New dashboard in the New Year

Our locator dashboard has served us well so far, but we've definitely outgrown a few things. We've been collecting all of your feedback and for the last few months working on completely re-designing the new dashboard. Today, we're happy to share the new changes with you:

new dashboard
  1. Dashboard as a whole has a new look. The navigation at the top and the menu to the left are narrower, giving more space to the content pages. Now we show numbers next to location, marker, hours and filter pages. We've also redesigned our controls from scratch.
  2. Quick overview page. When you login to the dashboard, you'll be taken to a quick overview page which lists the number of visitors served so far and the number of locations shown (previously it would take you straight to locations management).
  3. New location management page (pictured above). The new features are: more rows per page, ability to show metadata on each row, better selection controls, improved search in the navigation bar, new tabs to quickly see processed and unprocessed locations.
  4. Easier geocoding. When you add new locations, we now have an autocomplete to help you select the right addresses. Also, when you edit a location there's a small map to help you further adjust your coordinates.
  5. Simpler widget settings page. All the widget settings pages (behavior, map, text, embed) have been merged into one page with several tabs. This navigation should be a bit more intuitive now.
  6. Simpler billing page. Managing plans and invoices became a bit easier with a less complicated page which we've also broken down into several tabs.
  7. Analytics doesn't catch Preview events now. Previously, when you'd go to the Preview page we would record these events in analytics. We've adjust the code to record real events only — the ones that come from your site.