Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the free 14-day trial work?

    After you create an account, you have instant access to all of ZenLocator's features for 14 days. During this period you can upgrade at any time by visiting your account's billing page.

  • What do you count as a location?

    A location is a single address on the map, identified by one map marker.

  • How can I install the widget on my site?

    Whether you have a trial or a paid plan, you can easily install the widget by going to your embed page. Simply copy our tiny snippet of code and paste it wherever you want the locator to appear on your site.

    The widget works on almost any platform — Squarespace, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, WordPress, Volusion, WooCommerce, 3dCart, Joomla, Drupal.

  • Do I have to sign a long-term subscription?

    No, our paid plans are on a monthly or yearly schedules, and they can be canceled or upgraded/downgraded at any time for their respective invoice cycles. However, we do offer a nice discount if you pay and commit to 12 months in advance.

  • Which methods of payment are accepted?

    We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amercian Express and Discover credit cards. Your payments are securely handled by Stripe.

  • Is there anything to download?

    Nope. Absolutely not. The tiny embed code is all you need — it works just like embedding a Facebook like button!

  • I have a lot of locations, can I import them all?

    Yes, you can import all of your locations with our importer by uploading an Excel or a CSV file. Our importer will guide you through the process. Alternatively, if you're unsure about importing your locations, you can send us your file and we'll import it for you.

  • Does the locator work on mobile?

    Yes. The locator is fully responsive and works on mobile and tablet devices, as well as a regular desktop browser. Furthermore, the locator takes advantage of available mobile features - like accurate geolocation.

  • What happens after my free trial?

    Towards the end of the 14 days we will email you and check if you want to upgrade. If you feel ready to buy a paid plan you can do so using a credit card. If you're not quite ready, no problem - your account will be here if you decide to come back later.

  • What do you count as a map view?

    A map view is typically one page load (wherever your widget is located).

  • What happens if I go over the map view limit?

    Nothing. These are soft-limits, so if you have a traffic spike or occasional increased load, don't worry — you don't have to do anything. However, if you consistently run over your limit, we'll contact you and ask you to upgrade to the next available plan.

  • Can I change my plan at anytime?

    Yes. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time. Simply click the billing tab in the account menu.

  • What if I want to cancel?

    You can cancel at any time. You’ll be billed for your current month or year but never again.

  • Is ZenLocator hosted, or do I have to host it?

    ZenLocator is fully hosted, meaning you do not have to set up your own servers. As soon as you sign up, you can start using the locator immediately, totally hassle-free.

  • What is white label?

    White label option gets rid of the ZenLocator branding on your widget. It's available for Business and custom enterprise plans.

  • Which browsers does ZenLocator support?

    We support all the latest & greatest browsers: IE 11 and Edge, Firefox 47+, Chrome 49+ and Safari 9.1+.

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