Powerful Dashboard

ZenLocator's dashboard has absolutely everything you need to manage your data quickly, easily and accurately.

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Endless Customization

Not only can you customize exactly to your brand standards. You can add a store locator anywhere on your site. A store locator can do more for you customers, add a search on your product pages, blog pages and more.

  • Direct CSS customization
  • Map themes
  • Add to anywhere on site
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Store locator in minutes

Add ZenLocator to anywhere, on any site, on any platform in minutes with no code required and we mean it.

bulk upload and export
Bulk Upload & Export

Our advanced importer allows you to upload any spreadsheet or CSV file. As long as the first row is the header, it does not even have to be formatted a certain way — all we need is the address field and everything else is optional.

You are never locked-in with your data. We actually give you unlimited export of all of your data and in multiple formats — CSV, JSON and SQL.

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Advanced Data Management

Your dashboard has everything you need to manage your data easily. All the changes you make on the dashboard will be updated instantly on your website.

Powerful tools give you the ability to detect duplicate locations, set map's starting point, adjust global settings, and even hide locations temporarily without removing them.

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data management
dashboard users
Dashboard Users

Every account supports multiple dashboard users; invite them easily and give them quick access to manage your data.

Need more users? No problem — our pro apps support unlimited number of dashboard users.

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Multiple Apps

Every app on our platform has all the settings you need to manage your data and widgets independently. That means a single account can have multiple apps (one per website for example) and have complete separation of settings and data.

It's super easy to switch between apps and create new ones too. And we've designed our pricing plans so that you can mix and match the types of apps you have — for example it's easy to have one basic app and one pro app under the same account.

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multiple apps

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