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Professional marketing tools for modern websites. Show people where your products are sold and get better insights into what your visitors are searching for.
  • Store Locator Software

    Our professional mapping software allows your visitors to find places closest to them where they can buy your products. Nothing is better than a visual product search and a map.

    The widget can be integrated with Google Maps, Mapbox or OpenStreetMap. Tons of customizations that let you pre-define the starting point and adjust all kinds of other settings and styles.

  • Product Locator

    Our pro apps support uploading unlimited number of products to all of your locations. Let your visitors see how your products look before they get to the store.

    Customize the way your users search for products and what they see first. And of course all of this seamlessly integrates with your other ZenLocator widgets.

  • Dealer Locator Software

    Show your locations without a map for quicker searching functionality. This unique widget allows you to create custom locator designs that were never possible before by combining it with other widgets.

    The listings widget automatically integrates with the ZenLocator map, so you can arrange them in any kind of order and they will work together like one.

  • Zipcode Search

    Place this in the header or footer of your website and let your visitors enter their postcode at any moment to quickly navigate to the store locator.

    This tiny but powerful search box includes a product selector, custom filters functionality and browser geolocation packed all together for an ultimate search.

  • Retailer Logos Carousel

    Have some retailers that do not have physical locations? No problem β€” just upload their logos and websites and place this widget right above your map to give your users more choices.

    This widget is super easy to maintain and automatically integrates with the rest of your setup.

  • Powerful Dashboard

    Our dashboard is like no other β€” complete control over your data with powerful tools like duplicates detection, manual object reorder and everything you need to manage your data effectively.

    Every account includes an advanced importer that can fetch data from any Excel or CSV file (desktop or online), and will guide you through the process of bulk uploading data.

  • Analytics Insights

    We give you powerful analytics that you can not only preview on the dashboard, like the heatmap and visitor statistics, but also download for further analysis.

    ZenLocator SDK gives you the ability to hook up your own custom events so you can track anything you'd like. And if that's not enough, we have Google Analytics integration as well.

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