Analytics Insights

Our advanced analytics tools give you great insight not only into what locations are being viewed, but also where the demand for your products is.← back to product

Endless Customization

Everything on ZenLocator is highly customizable giving you complete control over making your locator look amazing on your site.

And of course you get:

  • bulk import & export
  • data management tools
  • powerful analytics
  • map provider options
  • multiple dashboard users
  • custom CSS overwrites
  • Locator Heatmap

    Our store locator map has built-in analytics that let you visualize where your visitors are coming from and what they're searching for.

    See the most popular places on the map with a useful heatmap feature to get a better understanding of your data.

  • Location Statistics

    The analytics dashboard lets you see not only how many visitors you've had and how many locations they've opened, but also the breakdown of views per location.

    This is useful so you can track which locations are becoming popular and where you might have more demand.

  • Search Insights

    Generalized search queries give you access into bigger areas that people search for, like postal codes and cities.

    Additionally, we aggregate these queries and sort by the most popular automatically. And of course, just like all other ZenLocator analytics tools, it's very easy to export this data.

  • Custom Events

    Every ZenLocator widget automatically comes with a built-in JavaScript API. This means you can tap into the behavior of the widget client-side and define custom events yourself.

    We also support integration with Google Analytics which can receive custom events triggered within the widgets.

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