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ZenLocator listings layout works beautifully with the map. Display a list of locations on your website for maximum visibility.← back to product
  • Display categorized list of locations

    Just like all other widgets on ZenLocator, you can configure everything — including automatic sort by region or state.
  • Seamless integration with the map

    Having a separate listings embed code and automatic integration with other widgets, gives you unparallel flexibility in designing the layout that looks best on your site.
  • Custom location data

    You can display any information you'd like on your stores — import custom contact information and set any buttons/links you'd like.

Endless Customization

Everything on ZenLocator is highly customizable giving you complete control over making your locator look amazing on your site.

And of course you get:

  • bulk import & export
  • data management tools
  • powerful analytics
  • map provider options
  • multiple dashboard users
  • custom CSS overwrites
  • Custom Location Data

    ZenLocator gives you complete control over managing your data. Upload your spreadsheet in any format and import any kind of data — you also have the ability to upload any custom contact information and create your own buttons.

    Additionally, we support unlimited bulk upload and export for all plans with no upload or download restrictions. This is your data — we simply give you powerful tools to manage it.

  • Map Listing Layout

    It's super easy to create a layout where your location listing is shown below the map. Simply copy and paste the map embed code followed by the directory embed code and our software will automatically integrate together to work as one widget.

    You can mix and match all of ZenLocator widgets the same way to create unique designs.

  • Component Controls

    Every widget has been designed to allow you to easily add and remove components.

    In directory listing, you can quickly add a custom search box, toggle between categorizing locations by region, and show a small version of the product locator all by toggling components on and off.

  • Full Internationalization

    We support several languages out of the box: simply enable the languages you're interested in and the text will automagically display in the right language based on user preferences.

    Not only that, but ZenLocator has full control over dynamic text — any phrase you import can be replaced with what you define in your rules.

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