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Completely redesigned to work beautifully with desktop & mobile, and take advantage of modern browser features like geolocation and responsiveness.← back to product
  • Google Maps

    ZenLocator can integrate with your own Google Maps API key to take advantage of the platform's features. *
  • Mapbox

    Connect your Mapbox API key and use all the customizations their service provides. *
  • OpenStreetMap

    We always provide an open-source map where you don't need an API key & it works with both tile and vector maps.
ZenLocator is not affiliated with listed 3rd party servicestrademarks are of their respective ownersadditional pricing may apply

Endless Customization

Everything on ZenLocator is highly customizable giving you complete control over making your locator look amazing on your site.

And of course you get:

  • bulk import & export
  • data management tools
  • powerful analytics
  • map provider options
  • multiple dashboard users
  • custom CSS overwrites
  • Custom Location Data

    ZenLocator gives you complete control over managing your data. Upload your spreadsheet in any format and import any kind of data — you also have the ability to upload any custom contact information and create your own buttons.

    Additionally, we support unlimited bulk upload and export for all plans with no upload or download restrictions. This is your data — we simply give you powerful tools to manage it.

  • Several Map Providers

    We integrate with the most popular mapping services out there — Google Maps, Mapbox and OpenStreetMap. We provide OSM by default, but you can use your own API key if you prefer the other services.

    Each one has custom themes and if you're using Google Maps or Mapbox, you can import your own themes as well.

  • Overwrite Any Style

    Unlike other store locators, everything on ZenLocator is designed with the goal of isolating CSS styles so they don't collide with your website's styles. This is why our store locator looks perfect on any website.

    But if you would like to add your own custom styling we give you complete control over CSS to make your design stand out.

  • Responsive Layout

    All of the widgets are designed with responsive layout in mind. They look amazing on desktop, tablets and mobile.

    Even some of the functionality adjusts to the device that the software is running on — everything has been finetuned to give your visitors the best experience.

  • Analytics Insights

    ZenLocator widgets provide the most feedback into how your visitors use them — anything from what postal codes they search for to how often individual locations are viewed.

    All widgets come with their own JavaScript API that gives you access to custom functionality. And if that's not enough, pro apps also support integration with Google Analytics.

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