Zipcode Search

Let your visitors search for places near them by placing this widget in every header or footer of your site — quick and easy access to your store locator.← back to product

Endless Customization

Everything on ZenLocator is highly customizable giving you complete control over making your locator look amazing on your site.

And of course you get:

  • bulk import & export
  • data management tools
  • powerful analytics
  • map provider options
  • multiple dashboard users
  • custom CSS overwrites
  • Search Made Easy

    The search box is a great way to give your visitors a quick and convenient way to find locations closest to them.

    Place the widget in the header or footer of your website. The visitors will get quick access to your store locator and you will have better insights through dashboard analytics.

  • Seamless Integration

    This widget is able to search for more than just postal codes and cities. It can automatically determine user's location through browser geolocation, show a product locator, a custom filters dropdown as well as a search radius option.

    All of that is packed into a convenient little search box that gives your visitors lots of flexibility into finding exactly what they're looking for.

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