Storemapper vs ZenLocator

ZenLocator provides the best store locator software and product locator app for your website. Our powerful yet simple customizations allow you to easily improve your website in minutes. We've been helping our customers boost their marketing efforts for years and we'd love a chance to do the same for you!

So many features & customizations

we'd take up the whole page if we were to list them all
  • bulk uploading & data export
  • plenty of traffic to your widgets
  • unlimited location imports
  • dashboard users for easier access
  • support for multiple map providers
  • white label (no ZenLocator branding)
  • powerful analytics with export
  • sync from Google Sheets and Dropbox
  • tool to detect and remove duplicates
  • geocoding for your addresses
  • custom map themes
  • custom CSS / overwrite any style
  • custom button management
  • custom contact info management
  • upload hours of operation
  • location directions button
  • mark locations as featured
  • let your visitors favorite locations
  • responsive layout for mobile and tablets
  • turn components on and off
  • manage multiple apps from one account
  • manage your retailers
  • full internationalization support (i18n)
  • filter locations by products
  • custom marker icons
  • export your data as csv, json or sql
  • hide locations without deleting
  • start map in any area
  • restrict locations by country
  • integration with Google Analytics
...and so much more πŸ˜…

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