How can I export my locations data?

To export your locations data:

  1. Navigate to your Account page.
  2. Click the Export menu link.
  3. Select the appropriate data format.
  4. Click the export locations button.

There are several data formats available:

  • CSV format. This is a good option for importing data into Excel or any other spreadsheet application that supports comma-separated values format. It's also the most common format for re-importing into other store locator services. This is the default option.
  • JSON format. JSON is commonly used in JavaScript programming language, but can also be processed by many other languages. This is a convenient option if you'd like quick and easy access to view and manipulate your data programmatically.
  • SQL format. This is a good option if you'd like to import data into your own database (for example if you're building your own store locator or would like to run SQL queries against your data).

    The following SQL dialects are available for export:

Please note: trial accounts do not export coordinates data. Upgrade your account to enable this feature.

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