How do I create a custom marker?

Every location on ZenLocator is defined by a marker. A marker is a visible icon on the map that points to where your store is located.

You can have many types of markers and divide them as you wish (by brand, by location type, by the products they carry), but each location can only have one marker associated with it.

Every account comes with a default marker that is shared by all locations (which you can modify and rename as you wish). To create a new marker:

  1. Navigate to your Markers page.
  2. Click the new button.
  3. Give a name to your new marker (the name of your marker will be visible on the legend inside your widget if you have it enabled).
  4. You will be taken to your newly created marker page.
  5. Here you can either change the marker color, or upload your own image.

    Note that we have two types of images you can upload — one for when the marker is not selected, and the other for when it is. If you want them to look the same in both cases, simply upload the same image twice.

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