How do I setup analytics export?

To setup raw analytics export, you'll first need an Amazon S3 account. To setup the account follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to (or sign up for) Amazon Web Services.

    If you already have an existing Amazon Web Services account, navigate to and sign in. If this is your first time going to AWS, you can go through a quick process of signing up for an account. It’s free to get started.

  2. Create an S3 bucket.

    You will be directed to the AWS dashboard after signing in or signing up. Click on the S3 service:

    Click the blue Create Bucket button and name your bucket. Be sure that your bucket name is unique to your website. If you have several accounts with ZenLocator, then please create unique buckets for each account to avoid data collision.

    Note: Make sure to create the bucket in the US Standard region.

  3. Give us permission to access your bucket.

    Now that you’ve created the bucket, you need to give ZenLocator permission to access it.

    Click Properties towards the top right of the screen to expand the properties of your bucket. You'll notice it will list who has permissions on the bottom of the screen.

    Add ZenLocator account as a new grantee. Our Grantee ID is: bb5dfc38d4c10ed0cbd49bef8699393ff97491548c186c1be3a54747c6aeeeb9

    We only need List and Upload/Delete permissions.

  4. Finally, turn on location export on ZenLocator.

    1. Navigate to your Analytics Export page.
    2. Enter the bucket name you've created in step 2 (eg: my-website-locator-analytics).
    3. Click the verify button to make sure we have access.
    4. Set the analytics export toggle to ON.
    5. Finally click the save changes button. Your analytics data will start syncing within one hour, starting from the date you first signed up.
  5. Check out your data.

    Read how you can parse the data that's being exported.

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