What if my widget is not loading?

Here are some things to check for if your locator is stuck and not loading:

  • Are you on Squarespace? Some themes use "ajax loading" to switch between pages after the first page load. Unfortunately, they do not try to load the embed code after that. Try turning "ajax loading" off. Alternatively, you could try to set the link to your locator page as "external" rather than "content", which should reload the page normally rather than use ajax.
  • Is the page where you embedded the widget within an iframe? Some hosting companies use iframes to wrap the content you embed (for example when you're in Squarespace's edit mode). Our locator will not work if it's placed within an iframe. Note that a lot of platforms use iframes in edit mode only, so try publishing your page and see if the issue goes away once you visit your website.
  • Is it hosted on a public page? We've seen some issues with pages that are password protected or require special access. Please make sure your visitors (and our script) can communicate with your page without any restrictions.
  • Is your browser's JavaScript turned on? Please make sure you have JavaScript turned on.
  • Do you have any browser extensions or plugins that might be blocking access? ZenLocator uses many services and URLs. Please make sure your computer, office & intranet are not blocking any of these services.
  • Is your website in UTF-8? Please check that your page's content type is set to UTF-8. You should see something like this in the header: <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"/>

You could also check if the problem is local to your browser or not by looking at your dashboard analytics. If they're filling out fine, then the problem is most likely on your end and not with the installation.

Please contact us if you're still having issues. We'll be more than happy to take a look at it with you!

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