Why does location geocoding fail?

Oh no, sorry — we couldn't find your coordinates! There are many reasons why geocoding could fail:

  • Address is not specific enough for our geocoder to parse (eg: Westfield Mall, San Francisco, CA instead of 865 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103).
  • Address is out of date and does not exist anymore.
  • Street number is wrong and/or we don't have that level of accuracy.
  • Location is too general (eg: Central Park in New York).

Fear not. Here's how you could solve this problem:

  1. Check that you can find it on Google Maps or another mapping service. If you have, try copying and pasting the name exactly as it appears there.
  2. Try entering geographical coordinates yourself.

    If you have found the location on Google Maps, you can get coordinates the following way:

    1. Right-click on the map location.
    2. Once the little menu appears, click the What's here? link.
    3. A small popup will appear on the map (usually at the bottom) with latitude and longitude coordinates.
    4. You can click those coordinates to zoom in even further.

      They will look something like this: 37.792300 (latitude), -122.433137 (longitude)

    5. Copy and paste those into your location coordinate fields.
    6. Click save changes.
  3. Contact our support if you're still having issues and we'll gladly try to geocode it for you.
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